Who We Are

We're a talented team that truly enjoys working together. We created Beezwax collaboratively, as an environment where our work lives are fully engaging and satisfying.

For as long as Beezwax has been around, we've supported a distributed workforce as an essential part of honoring each individual bee. This approach demands initiative and professionalism from everyone. The result is an effective team for whom work is a natural self-expression.

We bring enthusiasm to our clients, with the hope of not just building great software, but helping build great workplaces as well.

The Beezwax Family

As an organic company, Beezwax aims not just to have a workplace where the needs of the individual are understood, but also to create a forward-thinking organization striving to find tomorrow's business model. We function like a family, and our extended family has been growing. Several of us have welcomed new "baby beez" recently, with more on the way. Congratulations to all of our new parents!

then now

Our Mission

our focus is on our craftsmanship

we co-develop with our clients, working in continuous dialog we create intuitive, engaging, aesthetic, and consistent interfaces we capture workflow, increase knowing, de-monotonize, solve problems we balance complex architectural abstraction and field-level specificity we innovate in the field of web-databases, leveraging various technologies

we are transparent in our billing and process, open with how we work

we are expansive with technology, tying web and desktop applications we bring our creativity, our humor, our compassion, our curiosity we work with the entire context: IT, OD, personal, political we plan carefully and are responsible to our estimates

our clients are everyone

we negotiate complex corporate systems and improve them we assist helping organizations (sometimes at a financial loss) we give small organizations tech sophistication of big organizations we give big organizations work-flow flexibility of small organizations we serve all fields and industries (but don't work for the Dark Side) we treat each client individually, and meet them where they are

our organization is organic

growth occurs from the core, outward changes are dynamic - influenced by all personal relationships are integral Beezwax has a life of its own we are a team