Fabio Bosisio

Sr. Developer

Fabio’s introduction to software development was a role in quality control of products produced by a small metalworking company. At that moment, he first encountered FileMaker software. By studying the manual, he developed a solution to re-organize information all tracked by spreadsheets and forms and made the process more efficient.

Since his beginning with FileMaker, Fabio’s experience has taken him to roles as lead software developer on teams for a number of clients operating across fields as diverse: automotive, entertainment, metalworking, media and marketing, mechanical engineering, logistics and delivery, retail, medical and more.

Fabio’s past accomplishments include winning an award (FMPRO.IT) for Best UI/UX in FileMaker. Fabio also applied his creative development talents to build a FileMaker solution used in pre-production by Italian documentary film director, Gabriele Salvatores entitled “Italy in a Day." His solution managed and tagged video clips received by 45,000 submissions.

Fabio spends his time in NYC and Italy and enjoys hiking, mountain biking, rollerblading and snowboarding. Fabio is also addicted to Sci-Fi movies and series, is a hobbyist DJ and loves traveling to enjoy photography, architecture, technology, and new cuisines.

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