products, tools, and plug-ins

Through years of custom development work, Beezwax has built a range of widely-used products, tools and plug-ins. InspectorPro is available for purchase, along with a fully-functional demo. Other tools listed here are available via a free download. More projects, libraries and code can also be found on our GitHub page.

If you so choose, Beezwax can configure and integrate many of these into your existing solution.

Diagnose, document and debug your FileMaker 12/13/14 solutions.
iOS app
Redmine project teams, issues and budgets on your iOS
Publish to Apple News
Your WordPress content into Apple News.
Publish your WordPress blog content to your Apple News channel!
Enable FileMaker Pro to interact with common scripting languages. (Mac OS X-only)
SQL Sugar for FileMaker @ - SQL Sugar for FileMaker
@ - SQL Sugar for FileMaker
A fluid and nimble SQL powertool designed expressly for FileMaker developers.
Free module to extend FileMaker's native email functions.
TextMate meets FileMaker Pro
TextMate Bundle for FileMaker
TextMate bundle for FileMaker
Use TextMate as a text editor for FileMaker Pro. (Mac OS X-only)
A modular approach to managing FileMaker user accounts.
Community-minded free offering from Beezwax.
A chronic illness ally to organize data for chronic illness patients.