Julian Nadel

President & Founder

When work is something we want to do, not just something we have to do, everything changes.

Julian founded Beezwax in 1996 in this spirit, with the aspiration to create both a fully engaging workplace, and a business dedicated to improving our clients’ workplaces. From his own work as a solo consultant, he had learned first-hand that good design and smart automation can alleviate tedium and give more space for creativity at work. He believed that a firm based on such principles could create such an experience of work satisfaction that would be contagious for our clients, and vice-versa.

Back in college, Julian studied the history of utopian thought — those who have speculated on the ideal social structure, and how to strive towards it. He found a certain articulation of Work to be a common thread throughout thousands of years of such speculation, across many different visions for humanity: When people experience work as a fulfilling and engaging activity, an extension of themselves, and a creative outlet for contribution, then other aspects of society — education, religion, politics, family, etc. — can be harmonious.

Utopian principles, of course, are not about arrival at an idealistic destination. It is about the process of how we move forward; it is inspiration and strategy for approaching this reality, with its challenges and opportunities.

So far, so good.

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