Paul de Hallé

Director of Development Services

Paul is a veteran of the software industry, having built and managed one of the largest FileMaker and Web consultancy firms in Europe. At Beezwax, he leads development teams across a wide range of client projects, with hands-on technical expertise.

With a formal education in software engineering, after college Paul went into technical sales for Apple, then focused his career on the software development world. Paul has designed and built hundreds of business applications for companies such as Unilever, Verizon and Eurostar, He also founded and led development for Jobroo, a career management platform in the consumer application space.

Throughout his career, his focus has always been on helping people achieve their strategic goals by understanding and developing solutions tailored to meet their individual needs. “I was excited to find a company with a similar philosophy and goals in Beezwax."

As a speaker at many technical conferences over the years, including multiple sessions at the International FileMaker Developers Conference and guest lecturer at his local University in the UK, Paul has a passion for mentoring and giving back to the industry.

Paul moved to San Francisco, from the UK, in 2015 with his wife and their dog Nika. When he’s not working with great creative people to design amazing software, you’ll often find him walking around the Bay Area taking in this great region, or practicing his skills as a mixologist.