Alec Gregory

Sr. Engineering Manager

Alec Gregory is a Senior Engineering Manager at Beezwax, managing interdisciplinary development teams and architecting new tools to support successful project delivery. 

He has been a Claris FileMaker developer for over 15 years and has a solid record of integrating FileMaker systems with other platforms, data formats and technologies. He has a particular interest in core web technologies, building an understanding of front-end web development which effectively complements and extends his FileMaker work.

Originally from the UK, Alec’s career highlights include many integration projects using a variety of technologies to handle fine arts, supply chain logistics, education management, HR data and financial transactions. He especially enjoys creating user-friendly interfaces that combine a rich user experience with simple data entry.

When not working, Alec is involved in political organizing and activism. He enjoys swimming, traveling Europe, and exploring the US — particularly drive-in movie theaters, miniature golf, and pizza!

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