Mark Scott

Sr. Developer

Mark came to Beezwax from a first life as a scientist studying human immunodeficiency virus, human papillomavirus, and cervical cancer.

Early in that career, he needed a tool to catalog a repository of study specimens that would eventually grow to well over 200,000 in number, and to store complex data sets of results from immunologic tests on those samples; he quickly discovered FileMaker. He’s since immersed himself in FileMaker for over two decades, developing expertise in all aspects of the platform and becoming a FileMaker Certified Developer.

“What continues to attract me to FileMaker is the left brain-right brain synergy involved in developing on a platform that combines the logical analytic skills required to understand client needs, model data, and program workflows with the aesthetic appreciation required to design elegant and intuitive interfaces for users.”

Mark says some of his most interesting work at Beezwax has included building layered UIs for data-driven apps used by field service inspectors, and working with a team of Beezwax developers to architect multi-user systems for a globally-based business organization. He continues to hone his skill set for leveraging excellent UI design in pursuit of making data and workflow accessible to end users. Mark is also the author of LOgiCATOR, a powerful yet intuitive search module for FileMaker applications, as well as a contributor to the Beezwax blog.

When not developing database tools, Mark can be found exploring the backroads of the San Francisco Bay area, practicing new songs on his guitar, and getting up to the Sierra Nevada mountains on a regular basis.

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