Brandon Montoya

Sr. Developer

Brandon is a senior engineer developing custom software solutions for Beezwax clients, as well as products and open source tools used by our FileMaker, Web and Tableau development teams.

Early in his career, Brandon was a developer at a small startup where he was building tools to assist TAMs. Extending his background in commercial software development, Brandon completed the 42 Silicon Valley (42SV) engineering program, finishing with an focus on Claris FileMaker development. After the 42SV FileMaker training program exposed him to a number of Claris Partner companies. Brandon said, “Upon meeting other Beez and learning about the variety of clients and interesting projects, I was excited to join Beezwax."

 In his spare time, Brandon has always enjoyed playing board and video games. More recently, he’s been into social dancing (Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Contra, and Fusion) and Jiu Jitsu.

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