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Jeremy Kipling


As a developer, Jeremy Kipling likes to embed himself deep in a client’s business to learn as much about what they do as possible, and gain empathy for many of the day-to-day system users. If successful he can then work more as a true consultant rather than just a coder-for-hire, giving each client custom advice on which directions to take and how their FileMaker solutions can help them achieve their missions.

“I’m greatly motivated by wanting to make people’s work life more rewarding and efficient, and less frustrating and tedious”, says Jeremy.

In Jeremy’s 10 years of FileMaker work, he has achieved certification in versions 8 through 18. He’s worked across many industries including Industrial Production, Education, and Retail Sales, streamlining complex systems to handle tasks such as media workflow, asset management and data mining.

He was attracted to Beezwax because of the opportunity to work from any location at any time, with the focus being on taking care of the client’s needs. This policy makes it possible to have a great work life balance to take care of family business and explore personal interests outside of work. Jeremy is looking forward to working with and learning from such a diverse team with a wide aray of talents that Beezwax has assembled.

Jeremy earned a BS in Agriculture and Biological Engineering at Cornell University and a MS in Computer Science at Northeastern University with a particular interest in Artificial Intelligence and using mathematical algorithms to solve everyday problems.

Jeremy’s family includes a wife and daughter and small cadre of animals. He enjoys many forms of music, raising vegetable gardens and fruit trees and studying arboriculture and forest management.

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