Ruby client for FileMaker's Data API with ActiveRecord-ish ORM

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At Beezwax, we often work on FileMaker projects that intersect with other technologies near and dear to our hearts, including JavaScript, Python, Swift and of course Ruby. This allows us to build robust web applications in Ruby on Rails, integrated with data sources from FileMaker solutions. 

Since Claris introduced the FileMaker Data API, there was no off-the-shelf Ruby library for us to simply gem install, so we decided to roll up our sleeves and build one. Thus, fmrest-ruby was born, renamed to bzREST-ruby as a “bzModule", for use as a modular part of a custom software applications.

Walk through setting up bzREST-ruby in a Ruby on Rails project

The Integrating FileMaker’s Data API and Ruby with the fmrest-ruby gem article will walk you through setting up bzREST-ruby (using fmrest-ruby libraries) in a Ruby on Rails project. Some level of familiarity with Ruby / Rails and FileMaker’s Data API is advised, although much of the content covered is applicable to any Ruby project, Rails or not.

bzREST-ruby is an fmrest wrapper for these Ruby gems:

  • fmrest-spyke, providing an ActiveRecord-like ORM library built on top of fmrest-core and Spyke.
  • fmrest-core, providing the core Faraday connection builder, session management, and other core utilities.
  • fmrest-rails, providing Rails integration.

In addition, the optional fmrest-cloud gem adds support for FileMaker Cloud.

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