Place the power of Maps in your Apps.
Use MapKit JS for Apple Maps in your custom web, mobile, and FileMaker applications.

bzMaps displays data on an interactive map, using Apple Maps embedded inside your custom web, mobile and FileMaker applications.

MapKit Integration for Web and Mobile Apps

Apple Maps is best known as the native app for maps, on iOS and macOS. Powering Apple Maps is MapKit, a development framework for embedding powerful mapping into other applications.

bzMaps uses MapKit JS, a version of MapKit based on JavaScript. Our Web team can also embed this mapping functionality directly into custom Web applications, for almost any use. And our Mobile team can use MapKit for the same maps functionality in native iOS, iPadOS or macOS apps.

Apple Maps in a FileMaker web viewer

We were often asked by clients: Can you help us use Apple Maps inside FileMaker, rather than using Google Maps or MapQuest? Our FileMaker and Web development teams worked together to come up with the first working example of this, which inspired our introduction of bzMaps.

  • Use web viewers to display map searches and location lookups.
  • Use data pulled from a FileMaker solution.
  • Works with FileMaker Go on iOS and FileMaker Pro Advanced on macOS.
Demo - Apple Maps for route and point plotting

Our FileMaker demo is a proof-of-concept, illustrating a small part of what is possible using MapKit JS for route and point plotting. Given starting and ending points, this highlights all locations along the way that fit your search.

With the demo you can:

  • Search for a query, such as "coffee shops".
  • Lookup an address to get geographic coordinates and directions.
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We can help with integrating bzMaps-FM into your FileMaker solutions.

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