As an add-on module, LOgiCATOR supplements FileMaker’s native Find mode with an intuitive, rule-based search interface.

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  • the modern, powerful yet intuitive search UI your FileMaker apps need 
  • fully modular and easy to integrate highly customizable 
  • a pioneering example of a new way to add lightweight, modular functionality to FileMaker solutions 
  • a great tool for learning how to use FileMaker card windows and JSON functions 
  • totally free!

Fully Automatic Transmission

LOgiCATOR just works! It automatically detects searchable fields on the current layout, omitting global, summary, and unstored calculation fields. It then presents a menu of those fields for your user to search on, along with search operators tailored to each searchable field.

A field by any other name

The magic doesn’t end with automatic field detection. LOgiCATOR automatically creates user-friendly display names for the detected fields, so your user sees “Street Address” instead of “streetAddress” in the fields popup menu.

What’s your style (naming convention-wise, that is)? Camel case (“numberOfParts”)? Snake case (“CUSTOMER_NAME”)? Either way, LOgiCATOR is ready for you. Automatic display-name creation makes set-up a breeze.

Some developers use FileMaker’s field comment to store display names. Is that you? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered, too! If, on the other hand, you don’t use any of those conventions, or just want to override the automatic display name on a case-by-case basis, the display names can be fully customized.

One Tool to Rule All Rule Types

LOgiCATOR uses algorithms to automatically determine whether a field should be searched as, say, a text, number, or date field, each with its own, type-specific menu of search operators. Currency, Boolean, and rating rule types are also fully supported.

date | number | text | currency | rating

Locate Data with Logical Precision

LOgiCATOR builds on the immense power of FileMaker’s native Find mode, and wraps that power in a sleek and intuitive interface. Gone are wonkish operators and confusing find and omit requests, replaced by plain language prompts and options. 

  • plain language UI 
  • comprehensive search operators 
  • powerful Boolean logic

We’re Here to Help... Your Users Search More Accurately

If a field is associated with a value list-based control (radio- button set or popup menu, for example) on your layout, that same value list will be used in LOgiCATOR, to ensure accurate search-value entry. LOgiCATOR also watches out for invalid ranges in number, currency, or date searches. 

value list support | invalid range flagging

A Memory Like an Elephant (For Your Favorite Searches)

Save useful searches to run again and again. Name them however you like, then delete them when no longer needed.

Go from Zero to Search in 60 Seconds

60 seconds! That’s how long it takes to add LOgiCATOR to your FileMaker app. LOgiCATOR is a separate, fully self-contained FileMaker file. Your solution needs only a single external data source pointing to the LOgiCATOR module file, and 2 scripts. Thanks to automatic field detection, creation of user-friendly display names from your underlying field names, and automatic determination of their rules types, LOgiCATOR “just works.” When customization is needed, however, even that is designed to be easy.


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