End-to-end web integration tools for Claris FileMaker, powered by JavaScript.

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bzBond takes Claris FileMaker web integrations to the next level, providing tools to support you on your web technology journey.

From dynamic and responsive user experiences to ultra-focused server-side microservices, bzBond blends web and FileMaker best practices to help you create, deploy, and enhance reliable web-powered solutions.

End-to-end web integration tools:

  • bzBond-js - JavaScript API for getting FileMaker/Claris Pro script results to web viewers using JavaScript promises
  • bzBond-claris - FileMaker/Claris Pro assets for managing bzBond-js interactions and storing, deploying and testing web code
  • bzBond-server - extensible server-based microservice that enables JavaScript in the FileMaker/Claris Server script engine

Also includes:

  • create-bzbond-app - create new bzBond-integrations with a single command
  • bzBondRelay - run JavaScript code right from FileMaker/Claris Pro scripts on client or server
  • bzBond-web-template - the core of bzBond web integrations, including bzBond-js and build tools for seamless deployment in solutions

Why bzBond?
Quality Tools for Claris Web Integrations

  • Reliably run web UIs and JavaScript libraries in web viewers
  • Speed up FileMaker scripts with JavaScript functions
  • Store and deploy web code
  • Keep the JavaScript party going server-side with an extensible microservice


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