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Do More with Data Replication.

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Bulletproof your organization by protecting your vital business data.

SyncServer Pro is a background database synchronization engine, supporitng a variety of use cases, for Claris® FileMaker® and other SQL engines.

The most comprehensive approach to data protection includes everything from backups to disaster recovery, as well as adopting a perimeter approach to secure data wherever it resides.

SyncServer Pro arms you with an effective and efficient solution that caters to business processes. SyncServer Pro is optimized for pain-free integration yet powerful enough to accommodate even the most intricate syncing requirements. SyncServer Pro ensures your data is secure, and available when and where you need it most.

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Single-User License

Choose the Quantity based on the number of servers you need to support.


SyncServer Pro is a multipurpose tool which provides:

Audit Log features: Key differences between SyncServer Pro and FileMaker 2023

Feature SyncServer Pro FileMaker 2023
Detailed field-level audit log
Logging to separate table
Minimal schema/scripts install
FM Pro support
WebDirect support
FileMaker Go support
Custom Web Publishing (CWP)
*Only in scripts
*Only in scripts
Data API
*Only in scripts
JDBC data source/targets
SQL data sources/targets
Asynchronous Server-side processing
Synchronous Client-side processing
Minimized Client-side processing
Multi-node conflict-resolution
(list sync/replication features)


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