Leverage advanced diagnostics, perform in-depth analysis, and gain insights with new visualizations.

Use InspectorPro to analyze your FileMaker solutions:

  • Detect problems and warnings
  • Identify references and dependencies for any element
  • Compare differences between solutions
  • Process DDR on Server (PDoS) for fast, flexible results
  • Share development progress with your team.

And so much more...

Introducing InspectorPro 7

New feature highlights:

  • Slack integration
  • Global Search
  • Security Perspective
  • Table Distance
  • and more!

And new in InspectorPro 7.1:

  • Progress Dashboard
  • Extra Information
  • Script Monitor
  • Manual References
  • Git API support (beta)

Finding problems

For solutions you inherit or for building complex ongoing solutions, InspectorPro tracks down and identifies problems, so you can continually improve your work:

With InspectorPro's help, you can:

  • Map problems to the respective links, fields, functions tables, and scripts
  • Easily identify disabled scripts
  • Add notes and tabs for effective team collaboration

InspectorPro's comprehensive list of detected problems are grouped into 2 categories: Area Problems, such as a button assigned to a script that's now missing. Calculation Problems, including missing functions, fields or tables.


What and where is this item referenced?

As a developer, you want to easily know all the places where a particular item is referenced.

  • Continually view and navigate to detailed references in a tear-away window
  • Easily identify disabled or dormant references
  • Quickly determine all reference locations

For FileMaker Teams

Collaboration & Communication

  • Add notes and tabs for effective developer workflow
  • Link back into the Analysis, pointing to problem fields and scripts
  • Highlight dormant code, such as disabled script steps

Enter a note on any problem, or mark it as fixed so you can work through the list of problems as a team. InspectorPro shows a coffee cup icon if the problem exists on dormant code, for example a script step that is disabled.

Slack Integration

Create a Slack channel for each solution, or simply one channel for all development. Notes added to InspectorPro can appear in the designated Slack channel.

Trigger update notifications in Slack when:

  • A solution is added, or deleted from InspectorPro
  • An analysis begins or completes processing
  • A note is added by a development team member


  • Compare changes between versions of your FileMaker solution.
  • InspectorPro reports on changes, and highlights relevant items or code.
  • Drill in to view change details, or run a report sorting by change type or area.

Security Perspective

  • Review your solution's security privileges in depth.
  • Security "cross tab" information at your fingertips.
  • View privilege sets across base tables, fields, layouts, scripts or value lists

UX by design

  • Intuitive dashboard captures all the information you need
  • Filter down to focus areas with easy toggling
  • Navigate the tool as you would a browser

InspectorPro's help has direct links to FileMaker help for script steps, script triggers and functions.

Progress Dashboard

Track your progress while reducing problem code, and getting rid of technical debt. InspectorPro’s Progress Dashboard shows you analysis graphs that summarize:

  • Calculation Problems
  • Script Problems
  • Layout Object Problems

Script Monitor

Build a custom Script Monitor and integrate it with your solution. You can monitor some or all of your scripts in any of your solutions, with visual signals or even auditory notifications when some part of your solution performs a critical action.


Inspector is a must-have for any serious FileMaker developer. I can't tell you how many hours I have wasted looking for things that Inspector will now help me find in a few moments.

We depend on InspectorPro as part of our workflow. Nothing gets delivered to clients without running it first. We never delete scripts, fields, layouts, tables, etc. without first checking InspectorPro for references. It's a time-saver and helps us improve the quality of the solutions we deliver.

John Duncan
JEDtech Consulting