The New InspectorPro 6: A rebuild from the ground up!

We have worked really hard to make this new version the best ever.

We have focused on the most important points that matter to you as a Developer. We are also the first to tackle PDoS ( Process DDR on Server ). When you host InspectorPro, a whole new world of collaboration presents itself. Once you have uploaded your DDR files to the server using InspectorPro, it takes over from there and control is returned back to you so you can continue developing while InspectorPro is busy processing. You’ll love it.

Here are some of the new enhancements that we have made in this version:

  • Our fastest version to date. We do much more and we are faster, mostly because of the lower level improvements that we have made.
  • Answer one of the most common questions: Where this item is referenced? In this version we have a new popup window so you can continue to locate all the references of a particular item, helping you stay focused and providing you with detailed and accurate information.
  • Problems are autodetected so you can clearly understand what the problem is to get it fixed. We also providie you with a way to mark the problems as fixed.
  • Comparisons are fast and accurate as we generate an MD5 hash and use that to compare at different levels. It can tell immediately which areas have changed, and provide you with really detailed information as to what has changed by using UNIX-style diff functions under the hood.
  • Over 115 different areas where we normalize analysis information, so it is at your fingertips. No other tool offers this level of insight.

And so much more...

Simplified and Improved UI

With so much information to present to the user at any one time, we have added an easy way to get access to all the information you need. Toggle to the top area to see additional information. In this example we are looking at some general attributes of fields. The UI is simple, intuitive and you can navigate backwards and forwards as you would in a browser.

Finding problems

Knowing what the problem is

For solutions you inherit or for those really complex ongoing solutions where you have many problems to tackle, InspectorPro will help you track down the problems and help you improve your solutions.

In the past we showed where problems were, but didn't do a good enough job telling you what the problem was. In InspectorPro 6 you can now bring up a comprehensive list of all the problems that were detected. Problems are grouped into 2 categories; Area Problems, and Calculation Problems:

  • Area problems are things like a button that was assigned to a script … but that particular script is missing.
  • Calculation problems are missing functions, fields or tables.

With a theme of InspectorPro 6 being Collaboration, we have also added a way to enter a note on any problem, and/or mark it as fixed so you can work through the list of problems as a team. And you can also link back into the Analysis to see where the problem is, for example link to the field or script step. And we also show a coffee cup icon if the problem exists on some code that is disabled, for example a script step that is disabled.


What and where is this item referenced?

This is by far the most commonly requested feature. Developers want to easily know where are all the places that a particular item is referenced.

Detailed references are presented in this tear-away window, so that you can keep viewing it and navigate to the item in question. This info is sub-summarized by different areas and includes information whether a reference is a disabled or dormant.


Inspector is a must-have for any serious FileMaker developer. I can't tell you how many hours I have wasted looking for things that Inspector will now help me find in a few moments.

We depend on InspectorPro as part of our workflow. Nothing gets delivered to clients without running it first. We never delete scripts, fields, layouts, tables, etc. without first checking InspectorPro for references. It's a time-saver and helps us improve the quality of the solutions we deliver.

John Duncan
JEDtech Consulting