The Challenge

ACD Direct provides contact center solutions for various industries including nonprofit corporations such as PBS and NPR. Each station provides detailed information about their campaign in a unique format that required significant work to input into ACD’s proprietary call center software. ACD had, over the years, developed multiple FileMaker solutions for each client to handle data. However, each solution was unique which resulted in an unwieldy collection of databases requiring extra overhead to develop, use and maintain. A primary goal was to "put more power in the hands of the end user" by allowing them to input data and identify errors directly.

The Beezwax Solution

Beezwax created a single FileMaker solution to handle the task of data integration. Custom data calculations handle each unique data format. The solution provides data normalization, error checking and auditing functionality as well as extensibility for future data integration needs. The solution leverages WebDirect technology to provide a new web-based client portal that’s easy to use. Beezwax also created specifications for an API to facilitate the transfer of data into ACD’s proprietary call center system.

The Success Story

Data integration is now handled by one system. Customers can access it directly, which reduces ACD’s overhead and streamlines the experience for their customers. This saves time, effort and has increased responsiveness. The scalable, extensible system increases the flexibility required to handle future needs like additional data formats and further automation.