The Background

Founded in 1978, Oldcastle is a staple of North America's construction industry - the first place contractors look for building materials. Oldcastle’s mission is to help build not just long lasting buildings, but also long-lasting relationships and to make sure Oldcastle materials are close at hand wherever customers are.

Oldcastle partnered with Beezwax to further those principles through their Product and Location Guide.

The Guide showcases 12,000+ products including 30+ concrete mixes and 100+ precast structures, across 6 subdivisions and partners, distributed across over 2,000+ locations in the United States and Canada. (So, like, if you need concrete, we know a guy.)

The previous sites were primarily text based, with clunky, uninspired interfaces.


The Beezwax Solution

We redesigned the interface and brought new functionality… Making The Guide compelling and effective in bringing people and supplies together.


Customers search for an individual product or browse by way of nested categories, facilitated by interactive breadcrumbs. And they can now seamlessly transition from reading about a product to finding exactly where it can be bought. And, through the integration we built with Oldcastle’s HubSpot platform, customers can go from finding a desired product to hearing the voice of their local sales representative.


{ The Joys of Coding }

The Success Story

The motto of Oldcastle’s Product and Location Guide is: "Find out what we make, where we make it, and how to get it.” With this new version, Customers can do exactly that. And as products and locations are constantly updated, and new ones added, The Guide allows Oldcastle to focus on building relationships and bringing Oldcastle products right to you.