The Challenge

A top-tier University in the Bay Area had a space problem. Students and faculty needed physical locations for study groups and meetings, while classrooms were left underutilized outside of class time. There was an online booking system in place, but it was difficult to get information about room availability on the fly. They needed to match the need with the availability.

The Beezwax Solution

The solution was a custom-built, on-demand mobile web app that integrates with the existing booking system. Using a QR code at each location throughout the school, the app scans the code and acts as a front end for the booking system to display availability and room amenities.

"Beezwax worked with us to understand our need, and build a custom solution. Now we have a system that better utilizes available space -- it's like AirBnB for our conference rooms."

A user can book the room on the fly, or reserve it for a later time. If the room is unavailable, the app shows other rooms nearby. Using modern web frameworks, the app is platform and device independent, and the connection to the booking system occurs in real-time.

The Success Story

The solution was elegant and cost-effective. Physical installation at each classroom was limited to signage for the QR code, rather than mounting expensive electronics. Integration with the existing booking system and the University web login system meant leveraging tools that were already in place. Users have embraced the web app and it has proven to be highly effective, with over 1000 users a month.