WordPress development

Custom plugins, themes, development, server and hosting deployment, publishing workflow, integration, social media…

Beezwax offers a collection of services to help take your WordPress operations to the next level, improving your publishing workflow and social media engagement.

why hire a WordPress specialist?

WordPress allows you to easily manage your own website, including customized themes and plugins that will help you make the most of your blog posts and web page content. But how do you choose the best solutions? How do you make sure all your needs are covered? What if your website becomes slow and you need it to load faster? And if you need to change certain settings that are not easily configurable? What if you want a new original theme to make your product look really good?

That is where Beezwax comes into action.

We will help you choose the best options to customize your website, and discuss with you why each of those options are the best. We will guide you in order to learn better ways to customize your settings and of course, we will apply all our skills to make your website look the absolute best.

Check Publish to Apple News. Beezwax helped create this WordPress plugin that enables your WordPress blog content to be published to your Apple News channel.

your custom plugin

Beezwax specializes in building custom solutions for virtually any use, developing custom plugins from scratch, offering you new possibilities for integrating WordPress with other systems.

make it look just the way you want

Our skilled WordPress development and web design team will apply your ideas and taste to customize a unique WordPress theme, or create a new one from scratch, suitable for your business needs and designed to make your site look and work the way you want.

become more social and more connected

Beezwax can help your WordPress site become more social, by integrating your WordPress pages with Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms.

learn with us

The Beezwax team can coach you on how to use WordPress, how to better manage your blog posts and pages, and teach you how to make necessary updates. We will guide you step by step to help you take maximum advantage of your entire WordPress system. We’ll be there to give you support when you need help.

Our WordPress services include:

  • Theme customization & design
  • Theme development
  • Theme maintenance and updates
  • Plugin configuration and integration
  • Custom plugin development
  • Publishing workflow
  • Connectivity with social media platforms
  • E-commerce
  • Backups, updates and security
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And more…

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