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Web App Usability Analysis

Our Usability Analysis investigates this question: Are your users getting the value they need from your web application?

We will focus on key areas of functionality for a primary user group or role. This includes a technical survey of front-end and back end architecture, and an interview with a point person who can represent the needs of primary users and stakeholders.

We provide 10 suggestions in the format: If X is changed to Y, we expect user group A will benefit in B ways. And we provide a mock-up to illustrate at least one of our suggestions.

The deliverable for this promotion has stand-alone value. Our technical suggestions are presented as actionable by any development firm or in-house developer. If you would like a proposal from Beezwax for these improvements, we would be happy to follow up on this.

To get things going, please select which area(s) of usability you want our analysis to focus on:
(*If you select few, we will investigate those deeply. If you select many, we will provide a broader analysis, on as many areas as we can.)

Accessibility Design
Automating Tasks
Code Performance
Cross-browser deployment
Data Syncing
Data Visualization
Email Integration
Reports Development
Responsive Design
Search Tools
User Documentation
User Interface Design

Pay $1,000... only if you get value from our analysis!

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