web development

Beezwax uses the industry’s best practices and proven technologies to develop robust websites and data applications that connect with online audiences.


A rich set of possible technology and user interface solutions. Ruby on Rails, WordPress, PHP, d3, web services, e-commerce, asset management, contract management, Salesforce, Google, web API's, social media and much more…


All our custom software solutions well-integrated with other technologies, products and services, such as mobile apps, web services and cloud APIs.


Minimized ongoing costs and a faster launch allows you to see results sooner with Beezwax.


Developers and managers working together, always connected from ocean to ocean, we cooperate to achieve each project goal.
Meet our beez!

clean process

We take care of generating the cleanest code possible using agile methodologies and practices, which help us create an ideal development environment for every project.

case studies