Data: The Lifeblood of Your Solutions

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Mark Scott
Sr. Developer
Mark came to Beezwax from a first life as a scientist studying human immunodeficiency virus, human papillomavirus, and cervical cancer.
Vincenzo Menanno
Chief Innovation Officer
Vince is a true pioneer amongst Claris FileMaker developers and is internationally recognized as an expert technical consultant. As Chief Innovation Officer at Beezwax, Vince leads R&D on cutting-edge methods and tools for Claris Platform development.

Data is the life blood of every FileMaker solution. And there are many different ways to input data into solutions. One of common ways is of manual data entry. Manual entry can be tedious and time-consuming. Another very common way is to import data from excel spreadsheets.

In this one-hour training master class, we will focus our attention on imports in general and with a heavy emphasis on excel. If you have users who need to do this as a common task and your users are connected to your solution over a WAN we’ll show you how you can dramatically improve imports. We’ll also show you ways you can provide instant feedback to your users if something went wrong and validate the data before you allow into your core tables.

We’ll cover the following: