Celebrating Remote Work: Beezwax’s Approach

Along with our traditional officespace, a distributed workforce is something we’ve long supported at Beezwax.

Our team thrives by sharing glimpses of their home offices, blending work with personal comfort. From creative workstations to inspiring views, we highlight the unique spaces where our development magic happens.

A place to do work I love, in a room I designed and built.
The breakfast bar workstation with our ten week old basschund (half basset hound, half dachshund), Teddy.
WFH...parenting version.
This is where beezwax.net development magic happens!
Change of scenery for this afternoon’s meetings.
Room with a view and fast internet a requirement.
Yes, we have an internship program.
Spot the Golden Gate bridge?
Coltrane, helping to remind me when to take a break.
My workstation view.
Watch the sky; give your eyes a break.
(back door view from my office) What a lovely day! It’s great just having the option to be able to drive a short half-hour ride to the beach.
Off in distance, Mt. Rainier.
Border Collie Working From Home.
In the trenches.
Just moved into my new home. First things first: proper illumination for my work station!
Creative Space.
Out the back-door from my office.
Where the UX design action happens. (And yet, somehow, my cat, Vortex, manages to sleep through most of my work sessions.)
When I need a change of pace, I can pivot from my work station to my painting station.
From the back doorway, a chilly new England evening.
Essential tools for WFH. (The pen, of course, is for twirling, pensively.)
First task every morning: Negotiate desk space.
I updated the code: will you throw the ball now?
A day with nature, out my home-office back door.
The Control Center with five displays, surrounded by a collection of over 4,000 different beverage cans.
(front-door view from my office)
From my work site to a work site below.
This desk goes to 11.
A view of the beach out the kitchen window, working from the breakfast bar.
Stepping outside the office for some fresh air.
A sky to stop and reflect on after a long day at work.
A designer at home.
The long walk to a home-work station.
A porch. A laptop. Getting things done.
Father and daughter sharing workspace.
Green Oregon "Winter".
The mocking ineffable man looks on.
My home office and sit/stand desk, great for ones posture and productivity.
The very suburban view out my window, which mostly serves to remind me when it's time to mow my lawn. I also get to watch people going for runs, walking their dogs, and taking their kids to school, which makes for a nice daily rhythm when taking in the view.
Yes, that red phone is a vintage landline.
Larry says nap now, work later.
The curious cat.
Wait... Where did my mouse go?!