world-renowned FileMaker development

With over nine hundred successful FileMaker Pro projects under our belt, Beezwax is a respected industry leader with an unmatched track-record and expertise.

reduce your costs

Optimize your company workflow with a Beezwax database solution. Improve your bottom line by eliminating busywork and replacing legacy databases. Whether you have an existing FileMaker solution or need a new system, Beezwax can help.

an industry leader

Beezwax is a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. Beezwax staff regularly speak at industry events, make widely-used development tools and offer ongoing workshops that teach other FileMaker developers the tricks of trade.

custom business apps

Beezwax specializes in building custom FileMaker systems for virtually any use. We can help design your database from the ground up or enhance an existing solution. Beezwax developers have integrated FileMaker with systems including SQL/Oracle, QuickBooks, Google APIs, Salesforce, e-commerce, mobile POS, Email Marketing, Web Services APIs, as well as core productivity applications like email, spreadsheets, calendars and more.

Beezwax is particularly adept at linking FileMaker data to the Web, and enabling integration with technologies such as JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, SQL, HTML5, data visualization, and Web Services APIs. We’ll help you extend and control public access to your data, while it remains connected to your secure internal databases. Using cutting edge tools and time-tested methodology, our in-house web development teams create beautiful, data-rich environments that maximize your organization’s presence on the Internet.

Beezwax develops custom FileMaker solutions for a virtually any situation:

  • contact management (CRM)
  • project management
  • time tracking and invoicing
  • asset management
  • reporting, data mining & data visualization
  • finance, accounting & budgeting
  • QuickBooks integration
  • supply chain management
  • scheduling
  • event management
  • equipment tracking
  • inventory & warehouse management
  • calendaring
  • publishing
  • fundraising
  • surveys
  • hr
  • medical records
  • class registration
  • class curricula
  • legal data
  • scientific data
  • e-commerce
  • contract management
  • royalties management
  • studio management
  • upgrading from old versions
  • system normalization
  • security enhancement
  • and much more...

stay competitive in challenging times

Streamlining your processes allows you to better navigate when times are lean. Your organization becomes smarter, faster and better.

go to the next level with a database built by Beezwax

Visualize an easy-to-use visual interface, powerful, laser-sharp searching and simple system administration. With rock-solid data security and archiving, your data can be shared with internal and/or external stakeholders using the FileMaker client or via a web browser.

Beezwax works closely with your internal IT department or can handle all the messy details. No tech experience required. We make life easy for you.

ongoing support for your FileMaker solution

Besides providing FileMaker development services, Beezwax also offers highly flexible ongoing support agreements that can be crafted to match the needs of your FileMaker system. Find out more about our FileMaker service options

why FileMaker Pro?

FileMaker Pro is easy to use, affordable, scalable, and cross-platform — while helping lower your ongoing costs for development. Powerful tools enable us to rapidly deploy your custom solution. Compared with other database platforms, it has the best lifetime cost-of-ownership and is the perfect platform for the vast majority of businesses, nonprofits, institutions and other organizations.

Find out what Beezwax can build for you. Contact us today.

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