InspectorPro 7

Advanced diagnostics, analysis, and data visualization to improve collaboration, performance, and insight for FileMaker teams using FileMaker 2023 (v20) or earlier.

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Better collaboration, performance, and insight for your FileMaker teams.

Using InspectorPro, FileMaker developers can analyze their solutions to gain insight into performance. It can detect problems and warnings, identify references and dependencies for any element, compare differences between solutions, and review security privileges. InspectorPro allows you to share development progress with your team. This can help you to stay organized and to work more efficiently.

Use InspectorPro to analyze your FileMaker solutions:

  • Detect problems and warnings
  • Identify references and dependencies
  • Compare differences between solutions
  • Process DDR on Server (PDoS)
  • Share development progress with your team
  • And so much more...

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InspectorPro Consultation:

InspectorPro builds better collaboration, performance and insight for FileMaker teams. We can help you learn from InspectorPro’s insights to see how best to make improvements.

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Introducing InspectorPro 7
Collaboration, Performance & Insight for FileMaker Teams

New feature highlights: 

  • Slack integration 
  • Global Search 
  • Security Perspective
  • Table Distance 
  • Progress Dashboard 
  • Extra Information 
  • Script Monitor 
  • Manual References 
  • Git API support (beta)

Finding problems

For solutions you inherit or for building complex ongoing solutions, InspectorPro tracks down and identifies problems, so you can continually improve your work: With InspectorPro's help, you can: 

  • Map problems to the respective links, fields, functions tables, and scripts
  • Easily identify disabled scripts
  • Add notes and tabs for effective team collaboration 

InspectorPro's comprehensive list of detected problems are grouped into 2 categories: Area Problems, such as a button assigned to a script that's now missing. Calculation Problems, including missing functions, fields or tables.

For FileMaker Teams

Collaboration & Communication

  • Add notes and tabs for effective developer workflow
  • Link back into the Analysis, pointing to problem fields and scripts
  • Highlight dormant code, such as disabled script steps

Enter a note on any problem, or mark it as fixed so you can work through the list of problems as a team. InspectorPro shows a coffee cup icon if the problem exists on dormant code, for example, a script step that is disabled.


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