Visit our Oakland office

200 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 7th Floor

Our office is downtown, right next to City Hall, on Frank H. Ogawa Plaza (or Oscar Grant Plaza, as it’s known to some locals). On the seventh floor of an historic building, our office overlooks the Plaza's northwest corner. Address numbering around the Plaza harkens from some arcane city planning system that no one can quite decipher — so consult the graphic above and aim for the red-brick building; we’re here.

We validate parking at the Rotunda Garage, whose entrance is on 17th at San Pablo Avenue. The office is a short walk from the BART and AC Transit hub of 12th and Broadway.

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Painting the Oakland Office.
When we moved into our new Oakland office, we moved into the top floor of a recently renovated historic building. We enjoyed designing the build-out of our floor.
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Women's March happening right outside our office.
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Vincenzo and his son volunteer to help clean the Plaza.
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(did we mention Steph Curry?)

Beezwax was founded in Oakland in the ‘90s, before Tech became hip around here. Oakland is a city of rich cultural diversity and integration, home to an abundance of art and innovation: Bruce Lee’s martial arts school, and the Black Panthers Free Breakfast Program; the Pointer Sisters, Green Day and, well, hip-hop; Jack London, Ishmael Reed, and Gertrude Stein. It’s a lively, creative place, and we’re thrilled to be a member of this community.


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