The bBox plugin extends the reach of your macOS-based FileMaker solutions to programs, code libraries, or native functions that are normally outside your reach. Now you can plug Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, PHP, AppleScript, bash/sh, XPath, and SQLite into FileMaker.

Made by Simon Brown
Free Download (v1.03)

Learn about how to install and use bBox on our Wiki. 

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bBox extends the reach of FileMaker’s existing commands

Offering dozens of powerful functions, bBox extends the reach of FileMaker’s existing commands, and adds completely new functionality. This makes it easier to get your projects done, and without the need for ugly workarounds to provide functionality that should be simple.

Uses of bBox

Run Python, JavaScript, AppleScript, PHP, Ruby and shell scripts

Extract email addresses or phone numbers from text

Check if a file is present

Parse XML with XPath based queries

Parse JSON data

Quickly and easily use data in a SQLite3 database

Present a dialog asking users to select a file or choose from a list of values

Determine if a needed type of data is in the clipboard

Execute a command requiring Admin authentication

Get contents of IMAP mailbox

Perform LDAP or dscl lookups

Generate PDF files using xhtml2pdf or wkhtmltopdf

Control SMTP email sending

Use XlsxWriter to create Excel files with formatting and calcs


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