building with JavaScript

web development

JavaScript plays an important role in web development, and as the web moves toward a more interactive experience, JavaScript is playing an every-increasing role in the logic of any website. Beezwax can be light on the JavaScript when necessary, but we definitely enjoy getting elbows-deep in more robust implementations:

FileMaker and JavaScript

Beezwax is blazing new trails with integrating JavaScript with FileMaker. We were one of the first to start to integrate JavaScript components into FileMaker layouts, and share our work with the developer community via blog posts starting in 2012. As the FileMaker Platform has evolved, we’ve continued using JavaScript to enhance our FileMaker solutions in meaningful ways. JavaScript running in Web Viewers can be used to replace native UI elements such as sliders or lists, add new ones such as d3 data visualizations, or even replace the UI completely.

Our FMAjax module facilitates easy two-way communication between web viewers and FileMaker without the use of plugins. JavaScript can also be used more directly using our bBox plugin.