apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


Arguably the most important computing platform in a generation, iOS offers powerful options to connect your people and your data — virtually anywhere in the world. Apps developed for iOS work on the iPhone, iPad and in many cases on the popular iPod touch as well.

it’s here! FileMaker Go for iOS

For mobile users, FileMaker Inc. offers FileMaker Go, a FileMaker client application for the iPhone and iPad that literally puts your business information at your fingertips. Used in conjunction with FileMaker Server, your live data can be available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

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your options – finding the best mobile fit

And FileMaker Go is not the only way to get the information you need on your mobile devices. Beezwax can build iPhone and iPad solutions to access real-time information using a variety of technologies.

For instance, Safari does an exemplary job of accessing web-enabled databases via 3G network or WiFi connections. And If you required a branded solution for wider distribution, Beezwax can build stand-alone iPhone and iPad apps specifically for your use and dissemination — even for sale through the iTunes App Store.

In short, Beezwax can ensure that your data is always where you need it to be.

And Beezwax can build iPhone and iPad apps that are accessible to any audience: the public, your registered users or just your in-house staff — or any segment thereof.

integrating FileMaker with many technologies

With server-side scripting, you could be importing data from a MySQL table at scheduled intervals and accessing the combined data on your iPhone or iPad, including tables, charts and more. Using various APIs, whether from Google, HopStop, Yahoo Finance, or data through our Web Services Plug-in, the possibilities are bound only by your imagination. Coupling the ease-of-use of the iOS with the versatility of FileMaker, Beezwax can take your data to the next level.

Whichever tools you choose to integrate, the thing to remember is that you can access, populate and modify both live data and archived statistics on the fly and on the go.

your mobile strategy is in good hands with Beezwax

Whether you are in the market for an integrated web-based solution (with PHP or Ruby On Rails, for instance), for a stand-alone iPhone/iPad application or for a FileMaker specific approach, Beezwax can deliver. Our expertise extends to integrating data through tools from Google and Xignite, as well as Oracle, SQL, and mySQL databases.

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