Adobe Systems

Aware of our skill with XML, Adobe Systems contacted us with hopes that XML exchange would solve a significant problem they were facing with their FileMaker-based QA system. The system elements needed to interact with their primary Oracle-based work management tool and link offices in San Jose and India, but the solution required there be no direct connectivity between the systems. There needed to be a safe, reliable middleman. XML was the answer, and we were the ones to make it happen. Our team connected an existing bug-submitting web-form to the in-house FileMaker bug-tracking database. This allowed for immediate updating, greater control, and smart, automated status-checking and email notification. We also removed the need for redundant entry into the less user-friendly Oracle database. The flow of information about bugs was made quicker, easier, smarter, and more controlled.

The solution earned Beezwax the Mad Dog P.R. Achievement Award from FileMaker, Inc.